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ILO TECHNOLOGY is a specialist in the metal engraving laid down on plastic films.

ILO TECHNOLOGY conceives, manufactures and markets for more than 10 years a broad range of radiant heating films.

ILO TECHNOLOGY proposes to its customers to accompany them during the creative process, of specific radiant heating films in the many fields where the heating by radiation appears impossible to circumvent.

List main markets: Traditional buildings, Industry, Vehicles of leisure, Modular Assembling, Bathroom, Navy Construction, Railway, Automotive, Medical communities, Agriculture, etc…

Heating films radiant ILO TECHNOLOGYare true resistances to radiant heating,  self reguled, mono metal; they are in conformity with the ROsH European directive on the environment.

The range of radiant heating films proposed by ILO TECHNOLOGY is declined in many dimensions; standards or specific, from 3 to 5.000 Watts/m ².

Heating films ILO TECHNOLOGY are adapted to the various requirements of the markets. They are available in multiple versions:

Classify 0,

Classify II,
Adhesived on one or two faces,
Thermal probes,
Specific insulations and cuttings.


Heating films radiant ILO TECHNOLOGY allow the originators and prescribers to find thanks to the radiation of the discrete and effective solutions in many fields.

Setting except freezing,
Heating by radiation of bodies and objects.

ILO TECHNOLOGY proposes subsets whole including radiant films “ready to work” for industry and building. As well as the creation of end products “ready with employment” made up of self reguled radiant heating films.