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ILO TECHNOLOY develops its own process of production, following many ingenious innovations. ILO TECHNOLOGY mobilizes all its know-how as regards engineering to answer any specific request for developping completely innovative products. The realization of prototypes and pre productions forms part quite naturally in all confidentiality are the proposed services by ILO TECHNOLOGY.


The components resulting from technology ILO TECHNOLOGY find scopes of application varied, heating (films for certified heating ceilings NF, electric household appliances…) with detection (security systems…). The prescribers of the building, automotive equipment and the project managers of large of the electric household appliances right now tested the reliability and the performance of these products, just as the reactivity of the company. Recognized beyond the borders of Europe, ILO TECHNOLOGY exports in the whole world.


Quality is in the middle of procedures ILO TECHNOLOGY within the framework of the standard ISO 9001 and, thanks to the performance and with the technicality of its process of manufacture, ILO TECHNOLOGY controls with 100%  of  its production, as well on the level of films, the connector industries as products ready to dispatch. It is still the professional competence which confers to ILO TECHNOLOGY the mission of international expert (CEI) and allowed obtaining standard NF for heating films intended for the building.


We cannot in any case being held for persons in charge of a defective use of our products nor of the consequences of their employment with another use that for which they are intended. Being given the diversity of the conditions of use of our products, we recommend to carry out suitable tests of our products before their use.

A l’instar de l’ingéniosité mise en oeuvre pour mettre au point son propre procédé de production, ILO mobilise tout son savoir-faire en matière d’ingénierie pour répondre à toute demande spécifique, voire co-développer des produits totalement novateurs. La réalisation de prototype grandeur nature et de préséries fait tout naturellement partie, en toute confidentialité, des services proposés par ILO.