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ILO TECHNOLOGY, creator and manufacturer of flexible resistances develop heating a film range adapted to the agricultural die.

These radiant films allow the integration of the function heating in the decorative posters of terrariums, vivariums and aquariums intended for the new pets.

The broad range of power and surface of heating films ILO TECHNOLOGY authorizes a great number of applications in the agricultural sectors: breeding and cultures.

“The radiating film” has many advantages:


  • The radiant film ensures a homogeneous distribution of the temperature on all surfaces to be heated.
  • The radiant heating allows a speed of unequalled heating.


  • Dissimulated behind the decoration, or under the tables of cultures for the horticulture and the truck farming flexible resistance is completely invisible.


  • Conform to the EN standard 60335-1: 99 r (Class II IP 44),
  • Located out of water it ensures a rigorous electric safety.


  • Adapted to multiple uses, like the setting except freezing of the sensitive products, the maintenance in temperature of horticultural or market-gardening plans and the heating of mini the greenhouses.
  • Low fuel consumption of heating films ILO TECHNOLOGY take part in the fight against the greenhouse effect recommended by the PROTOCOL OF KYOTO


  • The heating film applies to many supports: flexible walls, metals, glass or laminates.